Challenge: Mobile communication technologies is a highly competitive environment in the west coast of Canada. This problem is amplified by the rapid growth in cities like Vancouver, that experience client switching mobile vendors very often. The university student market, a large part of mobile sales, compounds this problem because the young demographic requires live trending content in order to feel more engaged.

Solution: We identified and designed a new marketing opportunity for Wind Mobile and rolled it out at one of their most competitive locations located on Cambie and Broadway (five competitors within a one block radius). The area had a high traffic because it was next to a major sky train transit intersection. We designed an outdoor media campaign consisting of a wind mobile mascot costume. The “Orange Phone” mascot took to the streets directly outside the transit station and performed ‘mock duels’ against a universal mobile phone competitor (opponent). The acting including fly swatting, boxing matches and teasing games.

Result: The store front witnessed overwhelming volumes of interested customers on the days that the campaigns were run, and management reported positive sales results. It is our understanding that in terms of dollar per sales results the only more effective, however more expensive, campaigns used by Wind Mobile, was live radio broadcasting from location.

Skills Needed: Marketing program design and roll-out management, costume design and production.
Location(s): Vancouver (Broadway & Cambie), British Columbia Canada
Budget Range: 15K
Date/Duration: 2016
Team: Morgan Rauscher & Wind Mobile location sales team.
Partners: Wind Mobile (now Freedom Mobile)