Notice: I have removed myself from this project on ethical grounds because research is trending that suggests e-smoking is significantly hazardous to human health.

Challenge: It’s well established that smoking is harmful to human health. Electronic cigarettes were developed as a response to the problem with a solution that was less harmful than cigarettes. While sitting with a group of friends at a hookah parlour in Montreal, it occurred there was a niche market to be explored within the electronic smoking market. Some of the research that I initially conducted found that smoking a Hookah is an order of magnitude more dangerous than smoking a cigarettes. In addition hookah smoking is just as prevalent in North African, and various Asian communities as cigarettes.

Solution: I designed prototypes and developed a product line including developing a manufacturing process, for the worlds first electronic hookah. This evolved into the expansion of a team to including; designers, marketing specialists, pattern lawyers, and international business consultants.

Result: International interest has formed as have new competitors (from Asia) attempting to dominate the market.

Skills Needed: Product design, demographic research and analysis, technical project management, Marketing, patent processing, international client relations management
Location(s): Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Budget Range: 45-50K
Date/Duration: 2012
Team: Morgan Rauscher, Abdula Daowd, Basel Yousif
Partners: Asian Manufactures