Challenge: There are literally hundreds of organic food products being produced in British Columbia.  The sales and distribution systems that are in place however, make it easier for farmers to take advantage of international markets, rather than selling direct to local consumers. Since the inception of this project in 2015, several farm to plate systems have been introduced, but innovation in the field is still needed.   

Solutions: Develop a community driven social enterprise, for the representation and support of locally produced fresh organic produce – direct to retail consumer market.  The program is a combination of basket program and farmer support system that brings farmers together with consumers in an organized online network.

Results: A new systems for supporting direct to market retail sales has been designed for local small artisanal and organic farmers in British Columbia.

Skills Needed: Logistics design, market research, business planning.
Location(s): Vancouver and surrounding areas.
Budget Range: 100K+
Date / Duration: 2015 – Present.
Team: Morgan Rauscher
Partners: Currently seeking partners, inquires welcome.