Challenge: The Tooth Twig is one of the most widely used indigenous health care herbal alternatives for oral hygiene in the world.  Tooth Twigs are the traditional remedy used by North Africans, Sahelians, Central and South East Asians, Malaysians, Persians and many more venerable cultures for over a thousand years. Tooth Twigs are used for fresh breath, clean teeth, to improve digestive health, to break bad habits and more. A significant market niche within the North American natural care products market had not yet been exploited for these natural tooth care products. 

Solutions: We sourced, researched, tested and developed a series of natural tooth care products based on the neem tree and salvadora persica bush (raw untreated packaged products).

Results: A new natural care product line was introduced directly sourcing from Africa.  A test market was setup and run for several weeks in Canada proving for case study and proof of concept. 

Skills Needed: product research, international business relations including importation, website and brand development.
Location(s): Mid-western United States & Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Budget Range: 15-20K
Date / Duration: 2015
Team: Morgan Rauscher, African trade partners, logo development team.