Challenge: To produce a device that can propel the human mind into a state of hallucination, without the use of any chemicals.

Solutions: Following Mitch Altman’s remake of artist Brion Gysin’s original dream machine designs, I produced the Mind Machine.  The Mind Machine is unique because it allows for an augmented visual field whereby the stroboscopic light and binaural beat sound is layered on the users plain of vision and does not sit directly in front of the eyes.  Several iterations of this artwork were made over a period of a couple of years.

Results: Users of this interactive electronic artwork were able to be propelled into a state of euphoric hallucination without the use of any chemicals and yet maintain view of their surroundings. Another unexpected result was the development of several retail products claiming to be ‘mind altering’, entering the market soon after the release of these first iterations.

Skills Needed: Ergonomics, stroboscopic optics, binaural beats, rapid prototyping, computer coding, custom electronics design and fabrication.
Location(s): Vancouver & Toronto, Canada
Budget Range: $200
Date / Duration: 2009
Team: Morgan Rauscher
Partners: Emily Carr University of Art + Design