Challenge: The online stock media market has exploded since the early 2000’s.  Stock media production outlets, that serve to populate multiple online platforms with photos, video, graphics, etc., make it possible for production houses to upload and sell royalty free media via multiple syndicated sites.  In order to catalogue, meta-tag, organize and upload edited content, media producers need to spend extra (valuable) time sorting and managing media assets on several different, and not related systems.  

Solutions: We designed a software capable of tagging media with meta and EXIF data, and locally sorting and organizing media assets. The software also had an integrated FTP system for delivering fully tagged media assets to a variety of websites via FTP (automatically entering the media into several systems simultaneously).

Results: A time-saving software was offered exclusively to media productions clients in Toronto and they were able to significantly cut their sorting and uploading time.

Skills Needed: Software design (C, C++, Java), Offline-Online software integration, API and plugin development, META and EXIF data management, Large volume cloud data management, stock photo marketing.  
Location(s): Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Budget Range: 35K+
Date / Duration: 2009-2011
Team: Morgan Rauscher
Partners: Several online stock photo and media distributions networks including 123rf, Shutter Stock, iStockphotos, Bigstock, etc.