Challenge: Electronic learning is constantly developing new technologies to deal with the broad pedagogical needs of distance and remote learning programs.  My clients had the problem of expanding their industry specific learning technology to be able to serve a wider market and demographic. The challenge was focused on expanding an online E-Learning platform from custom built to out-of-box solution.

Solutions: We developed an online learning prototype that included universal features and functions allowing for independent registration of teachers and students.  Each administration back-end was designed to facilitate the needs of either instructors or students. The learning management system also included an e-commerce plug-in capable of transacting payments between teachers and students.

Results: Client was delivered an out of box e-learning prototype design.

Skills Needed: Learning Management Systems (LMS) design and development, computer coding (php, sql, J-query, xml, API), content management system integration with e-commerce systems.

Location(s): Vancouver & Montreal, Canada.
Budget Range: 15-20K (plans only)
Date / Duration: 2012
Team: Morgan Rauscher
Partners: Undisclosed

I don’t normally show napkin sketches, but this project started on paper so I feel it appropriate to share.