Challenge: As a new spa in the early 2000’s, Soleil Med Spa needed a strong web presence, branding and marketing strategy to get their new business online (keeping in mind that the internet was still being popularized at the time).

Solutions: We worked to develop an interactive media website, contemporary for the time, and this included photo-video capture and copy editing.  We also developed a logo-branding solution and marketing plan.

Results: Soleil Med Spa became a reputable brand and maintained a lasting market presence.

Skills Needed: Studio quality photo-video capture and editing, brand design and marketing plan development, website development.

Location(s): Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Budget Range: 10-15K
Date / Duration: 2005
Team: Morgan Rauscher
Partners: Soleil Med Spa (Dr. Bahgat Anain & Dr. Bushra Lebada)