Challenge: During the early 2000’s, computer networks required significant physical infrastructure because internet connections were still highly dominated by the (physical cable as opposed to wireless) Ethernet standards. This meant that significant support staff were needed for rolling out these large and physically costly WAN networks.

Solutions: We offered WAN network support and installation, as well as website development and brand development outsourcing for companies in Ottawa, who were mainly supporting the tech boom happening in Kanata at the time. 

Results: Several successful months of rolling out significant WAN systems.  We also developed an interactive website marketing network rollout services for our clients.

Skills Needed: physical WAN computer network implementation and installation. Computer troubleshooting, Microsoft IIS services design and implementation, interactive website design.
Location(s): Ottawa and Kanata, Ontario, Canada.
Budget Range: 20-25K
Date / Duration: 2004-2005
Team: Morgan Rauscher.
Partners: IQEQ, FAR.