Challenge: My challenge, while at the McMaster University Fine Arts program, was always the same – namely respond to my (late) and greatest sculpting mentor Graham Todd.  Graham was an inspiration to all of us who, had the honor of learning sculpture under him. We were given an assignment of producing a ¾ scale, life-sculpture (sculpted from live model).

Solutions: Lots of hard work and many hours in studio, working on this clay-to-plaster sculpture, from armature to cast-poured final work.

Results: Successful showing of artwork at McMaster Gallery.

Skills Needed: Sculpture Design, armature formation, clay (positive) sculpting, plaster (negative) mold making, materials pouring, finishing work.
Location(s): Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Budget Range: N/A
Date / Duration: 2002-2003
Team: Morgan Rauscher (with friendly assistance from Bird Dwyer and Nick Marquis)
Partners: McMaster University undergraduate fine arts program