Challenge: Vancouver is a busy tourist location and without online booking sites it is difficult to locate affordable, quality, B&B’s within the inner city. The Windsor, Douglas, and Cambie guest houses were all owned by the same group and had been operating for decades however, my clients did not have an online booking system. My clients also didn’t have a flexible laterally-compatible digital system in place to respond to marketing tools and integration (generally operated under-booked). All three B&B’s also needed internal bookings systems and operations management systems.

Solution: We introduce and integrate a scalable, fully redundant, multi-channel, booking and client relations online management system. This was done by using channel management programs that are able to reach a long list of airB&B type websites around the world. We also centralized the booking and customer management system into an easy-to-use content management system (the cost to my clients was less than ten dollars a day).

Result: Since the development of this new system the B&B has been fully booked. They have also been able to expand their efforts into working on developing their guest houses into several-star facilities.

Skills Needed: Web-based multi-channel online booking & management systems, client training, change management.
Location(s): Vancouver, BC, Canada
Budget Range: 25K
Date/Duration: 2015-2016
Team: Morgan Rauscher
Partners: Douglass Guest House, Windsor Guest House, Cambie Lodge.

Note: this project did not include a redesign of the clients website aesthetics (visuals)