Why? A loving relationship is a journey of joy, pain and growth.  The Love-seat is a relationship tool facilitating interactions or conversations between two people (such as a spouse, sibling, best friend, parent or neighbour).  The Love-seat can also be used between a person and themselves (regulating interpersonal conflicts).  The Love-seat inflates or deflates expressing the sentiments of the people sitting in it and it can be comfortable, mildly uncomfortable or so uncomfortable that it cannot be used.  The goal of this love game is to make sure that no matter what happens, the chair stays usable. Each participant has the control and can deflate (red button) or inflate (green button) the chair. If both parties remain neutral and let go of the controls, the chair naturally wants to inflate back to stable use.

Results: Successful showing of work.

Skills Needed: Pneumatics automation and custom control, custom interactive creative electronics.
Location(s): Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Budget Range: 5.5K materials cost
Date / Duration: 2012
Team: Morgan Rauscher
Partners: Concordia University (Graduate Fellowship), The AB Gallery (Belgo building Montreal)
Link(s): https://exhibitionsconference.wordpress.com/descriptions/