Challenge: I was approached by the VIVO Media Arts Center to develop a new type of immersive display wherein the viewer would have their head in the middle of an interactive video display.  This project was conceived long before OLED and other flexible LED screen technology had immerged.

Solutions: We collectively ideated and decided that I-POVS (interactive persistence of vision system) would be the solution.  The system consisted of a 12 foot rapidly rotating dome and LED lights installed on 4 LED rails (4 sides) and when it rotates at high RPMs, the LED lights produce a single video image (array).

Results: Successful showing of work at the Vivo Media Arts Centre.

Skills Needed: Industrial electric motor gear box design and assembly, custom interactive persistence of vision system (design and fabrication), physical computer coding, dynamic LED light array system. 
Location(s): Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Budget Range: 10-15K
Date / Duration: 2011
Team: Morgan Rauscher
Partners: Vivo Media Arts Center (Artists Residency)