Challenge: Police fire and ambulance workers as well as military personal experience a high level of employee turn over due to compassion fatigue (related to PTSD). The problem is compounded by the fact that there was a shortage of qualified councillors specific to burn out and compassion fatigue and the cost to large institutions is significant.

Solution: Dr. Patricia Fisher spent a good part of her career developing programs designed to operate on the institutional level. We helped her incorporate electronic learning technology and information systems capable of scaling her employee burnout program to several major Canadian institutions.

Result: Dr. Fisher was able to connect with thousands of new clients simultaneously, deliver compassion fatigue programs, and respond to high volumes of employee turn over for her clients.

Skills Needed: Interactive eLearning website development, Coding modular learning management systems (LMS), sensitive information secure web hosting research and architecture, end product technology client training.
Location(s): Vancouver & Victoria, BC, Canada
Budget Range: 30-40K
Date/Duration: 2014-2016
Team: Morgan Rauscher
Partners: Dr. Patricia Fisher