Challenge: Dr. Bontis is a truly remarkable man. He has built a career and global reputation that spans everything from tenured professor to business consultant and keynote speaker.  He is an international leader in strategy and management appearing on TV regularly, and he is the man who coined the term ‘Intellectual Capital’.  Dr. Bontis needed help promoting and developing his early brands.

Solutions: Nick has many hats and his endless energy needed to be captured by a solid brand, contemporary website, a keynote speaking ‘one-pager’, and photo-video shoot showcasing his presentations.  We worked together to arrive at an image that would  foster growth of his academic and professional presentations and brands.

Results: Dr. Bontis is world renowned at this point, and I can’t claim any part of his success directly, but it was honour to be a part of his promotional history and the work we did together at the beginning of his speaking career certainly laid some foundations for his current trajectories.

Skills Needed: web design, video production, professional studio level photo capture (on site), copy development and editing.
Location(s): Hamilton & Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Budget Range: 35K+
Date / Duration: 2005 – 2006
Team: Morgan Rauscher & a video editing subcontractors.
Partners: Dr. Nick Bontis