Challenge: Dr. Salter needed some technical work done for his artwork.

Solutions: I produced supplementary project parts, and built custom electrical components for the artwork. I also supervised the installation at Nuit Blanche (Paris).

Results: Successful show of work and a personal thank you letter from the mayor of Paris.

Skills Needed: electronics encasement design, construction and testing, large scale artwork installation on site (included use of fork lift)
Location(s): Montreal, Quebec, Canada & Paris, France.
Budget Range: (unavailable)
Date / Duration: 2015
Team: Dr. Chris Salter, Adam Basanta, Thomas Spier, Marije Baalman, Sofian Audry, Owen Coolidge, Garrett Lockhart, Joseph Plazak, Alexandre Saunier, Simon Claessen, Rene Wassenburg (Schrikdraad Ontwerp), Stan Verberkt and Morgan Rauscher.
Partners: Chris Salter, The city of Paris, Nuit Blanche