Challenge: Robotic hi-tech learning doesn’t usually become available to students until they reach senior year of high school or even until university. However there exits a multitude of easily learn-able highly adaptable and even open-source physical commuting technology.

Solution: We developed an extra curricular program for children between the ages of 12 and 17 based on the principles of learning, building and playing with technology (robots). We were able to identify products on the market which stream-lined into our program. We also developed a difficulty level category structure that allowed students to develop their skills progressively (towards earning cash prize scholarships).

Result: Focus groups and case studies as well as pilot programs were launched in Vancouver.

Skills Needed: Demographic research, technology research, educational program development, event coordination and management, teaching physical computing to children.
Location(s): Vancouver, British Columbia
Budget Range: 10K
Date/Duration: 2018
Team: Morgan Rauscher, Penny Leong
Partners: Arts Centres in Vancouver