Challenge: I have been moving towards experimenting with green-tech for a number of years. This particular challenge is a part of my personally funded research with the intention and goal of proving food security for the coming generations. I am all about offering new collaborative opportunities between plant life and electronic technology, as a symbiosis. My research is moving in the direction of a much larger and ongoing project (indoor green-tech related). In the presented phase, I was responding to the problem of the ever-empty balcony space, a common architectural move (e.g. condo design). I target the balcony because it is rarely used and partially outdoors.

Solutions: Design and construct a fully automated winter season greenhouse with everything from moisture, humidity, air, water pressure, light and soil conditions, all taken into consideration.

Results: Successfully production of fresh organic food on the balcony, in rural Quebec (Saint Hyacinthe), for a large part of the winter in 2014 (one of the coldest on record until that point).

Skills Needed: hydro-logical automation, automated greenhouse monitoring and system responses design, custom electronics, gardening.
Location(s): Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada.
Budget Range: 25K
Date / Duration: 2014
Team: Morgan Rauscher
Partners: N/A