Challenge: Is it possible to create a machine that could capture and retransmit tacit experiences within the artistic act of sculpting, through proprioceptive haptic material engagement, from a sculptor to a non-sculptor?

Solutions: The short answer is yes, and I had to prove it with a Ph.D. thesis, lol.

Results: Thesis: “Expressing Tacit Material Sensations from a Robo-Sculpting Process by Communicating Shared Haptic Experiences” (successfully defended 2020).


Skills Needed: everything from custom tele-haptic vibrotactile and force feedback robotics, to sculpture, coding, ergonomics and materials rapid prototyping (to name the key skills).
Location(s): Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Budget Range: 80K+
Date / Duration: 2012-2020
Team: Morgan Rauscher, Dr. Bill Vorn, Dr. Chris Salter, Lynn Hughes
Partners: Concordia University, Milieux Institute

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