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Fun: HardKour (martial arts + parkour)

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Adventure: One of the things you may have noticed if you check out my projects and get a glimpse of me some 10 years ago, I was really out of shape. I could blame it on the advent of the computer, that kept me up many nights hunched over my work. But the truth is much closer to home. I was out of shape because I was depressed. Simple, right? Actually no …

Finding a personal fitness journey is complicated and I believe that everyone has an optimal set of activities that are best for them personally. We each need to find the thing that inspires us to be active and healthy. Not to mention diet – but that I have no space to cover here.

Hardkour is my own personal journey from overweight to fit. I combined the activities I love to do all in one including: martial arts, running and jumping over-on-under-through things. Since I have trained martial arts in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal – and I have been running for over 10 years now – I can finally feel good about the results.

I shared Harkour with a select group of friends in Montreal and Vancouver and of-course, being me – I had to run it as a focus group market test lol!